Fakro Smart Attic Ladders save space while providing convenient storage and access to the attic. Each model features minor adjusts that make installation and fitting the floor-to-ceiling height safe and easy.


  • LWF fire rated wooden folding attic ladders
  • LSF fire rated metal scissor attic ladders
  • LWT wooden folding attic ladders
  • LML metal folding attic ladders
  • LMP (up to 12′) metal folding attic ladders


  • LWP Wooden folding attic ladders
  • LMS Metal folding attic ladders
  • LST scissor attic ladders


  • LWN wooden folding attic ladders


  • L-shaped combination door


  • Balustrade Railing LXB-U
  • Finishing lining slats LXL
  • Ladder ends LXS
  • Handrail LXH
  • Box extension LXN-B
  • Upper hatch LXW-B
  • Handle LXZ
  • Additional tread LXT
  • Installation brackets LXK
  • Insulated Door Replacement LXI
  • Additional step LSS


Skylights provide up to 3 times more light than a regular vertical window of the same size. All FAKRO skylights filter UV rays
(Low-E) and feature tinted glass for increased thermal performance and energy savings. Available in deck mounted and curb mounted
versions in a variety of standard sizes FAKRO skylights are perfect for new builds and retrofits.

Fixed skylight FX

  • suitable for roofs pitched between 15° and 85°
  • made from pressure treated pine wood
  • wider range of accessories specifically for skylights
  • lower heat transmittance (summer), less heat loss in the winter.

Manual venting skylight FV

  • uick and easy to install – new installation system, no brackets!
  • triple seal system
  • manual opening and closing mechanism
  • smooth and easy operation either by a crank or a control rod

Electrically operated venting skylight FVE

  • integrated electrically controlled system
  • triple seal system
  • remote-operated (as a set)
  • possibility of control by Switch ZKC (keyboard for electric skylights)

Solar venting skylight FVS

  • equipped with a radio control system, allowing for easy remote operation
  • internal gasket system protects frame and drywall from condensation
  • the PV panel is fitted on the skylight hood using a metal console
  • triple gasket system

Universal Curb Mounted Skylight FXC

  • The main purpose of the fixed skylight is to take advantage of natural light. Natural light in homes increases the comfort of living and positively influences health
  • Suitable for flat and sloped roofs from 0 to 60 degrees
  • Low-E, UV filtering glass with low visual transmittance (VT)
  • Single chamber filled with thermal-regulating inert argon gas
  • Condensation channels trap moisture and drains it outside
  • Flat modern construction allows for easy water drainage
  • White finished, PVC frame interior
  • Integrated frame allows blinds to be easy installed before or after install