OKNOPLAST windows are equipped with reinforced steel, ensuring high structural stability. This allows you to create a solid, large glazing. High quality fittings allow the window to open and close with ease, and maintenance is very simple.

One of the most important functions of windows is soundproofing. The PIXEL window can boast a Max. STC 45 and OITC 39. Thanks to the use of glass sound absorption and a double gasket system, you can enjoy peace and silence in your own home – away from busy streets and noisy neighbors.


Great thermal parameters in the PIXEL window series guarantee excellent thermal insulation. This is important because up to 30% of heat can escape just through the windows. Tight, good quality windows stop this process, which allows you to significantly reduce your heating bills.

Even if we love the sun, excess sunlight at home can cause discomfort. This problem can be solved by equipping the window with a special LOW E coated glazing package. Sun filtered glass reduces energy permeability, which reduces the overheating of an interior and provides comfort.