Erkado is a manufacturer of exterior and interior doors. Erkado is a leader in the manufacture of doors of high quality at reasonable price. The founder, Zbigniew Kozlowski –the master of carpentry, he learned the craft from his father, also a carpenter. Erkado has invested in innovative technological solutions which with the help of modern machinery helped improve the product quality. Qualified staff as well as modern technical equipment allows for smooth and effective production. This enables Erkado to produce more than 30 thousand pieces of interior doors, more than 30 thousand pieces of door frames and around 250 wooden exterior doors a month. Quality is the priority which leads to the increase of their most valuable assets – their clients.

Interior doors include, twin doors, board doors, glass doors, fire rated doors, staircase doors, double doors, sliding system and hardware. With 16 different modern styles to choose from and different colors and finishes.

Exterior Doors include 118 styles to choose from and a wide range of accessories. Different locks, handles, numeric keypads and even biometric finger print scanner for your doors are available to customize the best solution for you.

Interior Doors Catalogue

Exterior Doors Catalogue

Frequently Asked Questions

All doors are made to order – according to out client’s preferences. Therefore, we do not have a standard price list. The door price depends on it’s dimensions, fixtures, and material used.

– door style
– height
– width
– swing (left or right handed)
– hinge color (most popular are black, silver, and gold)
– jamb size (thickness of the wall)

– Open the door
– Step into the doorway, with your back facing the hinges, eyes facing the jamb where the door latches
– If the door is open towards your right, it’s right-handed. If the door is open towards your left, it’s left-handed

The door jamb width is the measurement of the wall thickness that your new door will be filling in. This does not include any decorative casing around the door.